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Will Evans

Sometimes a guy is so hot we decide to skip past the interview portion of the video and get right down to the action. Will Evans is one of those guys. He's got a big muscled physique, and not just his upper body either. Take a good look at his huge, muscular legs. Tiffany is distracted by the massive bulge in his underwear. She whips out that big hunk of meat and slides it as far down her throat as she can. Will is rock-hard and ready to fuck. Tiffany makes Will wait though so she can show off his bubble-butt to the camera. Then Will quickly peels Tiffany out of her clothes so he can go down on her, getting her wet and ready for his rod. Will's got the moves and, based on the way Tiffany moans and squirms, she completely agrees. He fucks her in many positions giving us a perfect view of everything he has to offer. Will pumps away then practically drowns Tiffany in his hot sticky cum. She is completely covered!

35 minutes
Age: 29 Sign: Pisces Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 210 lbs. Cock: 8" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 08/31/2011

Damien is a certified scuba-diver. We don't know much about scuba, but we do know a certified-hottie when we see one! His tan, ripped body, topped by his handsome face and gorgeous hair, and women don't stand a chance! Tiffany is today's lucky lady and she looks like she's in heaven the second she gets Damien's shirt off. And if not, she definitely is when she sees his meaty cock. They take turns licking each others' naughty-bits until Damien has a raging hard-on. He slips his cock inside Tiffany's tight snatch and begins banging away. She moans in delight and clutches at the bed receiving every inch Damien has to offer. Damien's sweaty muscles glisten as he fucks hard until he pops a HUGE load all over Tiffany's tan body.

34 minutes
Age: 27 Sign: Pisces Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 172 lbs. Cock: 8" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 08/05/2011
Jackson Klein

Jackson Klein is packing some serious sausage and he's eager to feed it to Alexa for breakfast. Cocky and confident, he loves to take charge in the bedroom and that's just what Jackson does. After Alexa swallows his meat and eats his ass he spins her around on the bed to help himself to a taste of her sweet pussy. Jackson decides Alexa is wet and ready for his super-thick dick and slides it inside her tight hole. He pounds her any way he chooses and Alexa loves every inch of his cock, moaning with each thrust. Jackson really likes to give it hard and Alexa is more than up to the task. Having fucked Alexa thoroughly, Jackson pulls out and pops a gooey-load all over her tummy.

36 minutes
Age: 25 Sign: Cancer Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150 lbs. Cock: 7.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 08/12/2011
Dylan Now

Southern boys are known to be big charmers. Dylan Now couples that with his big muscles and big cock, and we've got ourselves a big hit! To get his blood pumping he enjoys playing semi-pro football and fights competitively in mixed martial arts. To get YOUR blood pumping Dylan is quickly stripped out of his clothes, exposing his athletic body, bubble-butt, and uncut cock! His girl, Katie Summers, wraps her mouth around his member and buries her tongue in Dylan's sweet asshole. He returns the favor and eats Katie's pussy, his favorite thing to do. With her warmed up, Dylan buries his boner inside her, fucking her silly in various positions. His hairy pecs bulge as he gets closer and closer to orgasm until he can't resist any longer and cums on Katie's stomach. Dylan can't help but grin as she licks her fingers clean of his yummy cum!

35 minutes
Age: 29 Sign: Aries Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs. Cock: 6" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 03/26/2011
Marco Rivera II

The second the camera rolls, the very sexy and very horny Marco Rivera is already lip-locked with Vicky Chase. When he opens his eyes and looks at her, you can tell he's ready to fuck. The view of Marco's long, lean and muscular upper body only makes us want to see more. Vicky feels the same and makes a beeline for his bulging cock, pressing up against the crotch of his white briefs. She sucks on his balls a little before gorging on each and every part of his 7-inch cock, teasing the head of his dick with her tongue before making her way down the shaft. After the oral action, Marco takes off his friend's panties, takes a whiff and eats her pussy before he begins fucking. He slides his pole all the way inside, his cock disappearing with each and every thrust. Marco props Vicky's legs straight up in the air for maximum impact. Marco then has his her straddle him and gives her a bronco-busting ride that leaves her breathless. They both work up a sweat before Marco pulls out just in time to absolutely cover Vicky in a fountain of jizz. Vicky dips her finger in his cum and tasting Marco's delicious juice.

34 minutes
Age: 29 Sign: Pisces Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 170 lbs. Cock: 7.5" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 08/08/2011
Victor Cage

Victor Cage is a 24-year-old Italian who wins you over the second you hear his accent. As he talks about his hobbies (soccer, music, and sex) we can't wait to see what is underneath all his charm. The visual gets better and better as his clothes are stripped off. Victor has a muscular, smooth chest, a tight stomach and a narrow waist. His playmate, Vicki Chase, pulls down his briefs and lets out a sigh when she sees his huge thick tool. She can't wait to get her mouth around it. Victor gets on his knees and shows off his hot, hairy ass while it gets rimmed. Victor takes charge laying Vicki on the bed, going down on her. After he's had enough he fucks her Italian style, with lots of vigorous passion, from every angle. After riding his hard cock Vicki climbs off and strokes Victor until he pops on his belly. Mama mia this scene is hot!

33 minutes
Age: 24 Sign: Virgo Height: 5' 09"
Weight: 170 lbs. Cock: 7" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 07/11/2011
Connor Maguire

Twenty year-old Connor Maguire is a 6-foot stud who may also be the first guy ever to tell us his occupation is "cock model." Once Connor got naked and down to business, we could see how well-suited he is to that profession! We introduced him to a super-cute young lady who stripped him down to his cotton briefs and warmed him up by sucking his toes. She then moved her mouth up a few feet to swallow the huge head on the end of Connor's dick. All you ass fans will enjoy the view we get of Connor's round, muscular butt (it even gets spanked a little). When it's time to fuck, Connor spreads his playmate's legs open and puts his cock deep inside. He then pulls her off the bed and into the air. You've never seen this type of fucking, we guarantee it. Connor works up a mighty sweat with his athletic approach to sex and gets rewarded by an erotic hand-job and a fountain of cum.

35 minutes
Age: 20 Sign: Scorpio Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 185 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Hazel
Date Produced: 08/01/2011
Jason Phoenix

When we spotted Jason Phoenix, a sexy 6-footer, we knew he was a perfect match for SG4GE. This 22-year-old cook has dark hair, a killer body and all we can say is "Bon Appetit!" His blonde playmate lays Jason's back, peels off his jeans and presses her mouth against the growing bulge underneath his tight white briefs. Jason's huge cock is truly jaw-dropping! It gets the oral attention it deserves and somehow manages to grow even bigger. Jason is also treated to a rim job (love that super-hairy ass!) before he takes the driver's seat. He plants his face between his friend's legs to eat her pussy before settling in for some hard core fucking. Jason mixes the positions up before bringing it all to a climax with his female buddy on the edge of the bed. He pulls out just in time and the cum load goes so far you will be shouting "wow!"

36 minutes
Age: 20 Sign: Cancer Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 180 lbs. Cock: 8" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 08/03/2011

Ali is from the Middle East and loves everything about America, especially the women! He also enjoys working out and has the tight body, six-pack and muscular pecs to prove it. Ali and his playmate take their tops off, swap tongue and feel each other up before she slips his jeans off, slides down his shorts and services his impressive piece of man meat. She loves a man's ass as well and plays with Ali's hole before laying back on the bed so he can show off his oral skills. It doesn't matter where a well-endowed stud is from, they all like to fuck! Ali slides his cock inside his friend's pussy and drills her relentlessly. He knows all the angles, sideways, from behind, you name it. And if you enjoy the sight of a guy cumming, watch Ali work up a sweat as he jacks off for the climax scene. It's a gusher.

36 minutes
Age: 22 Sign: Gemini Height: 5' 07"
Weight: 135 lbs. Cock: 7" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 07/30/2011
Giovanni Francesco

It's no surprise to find out that Italian stud Giovanni Francesco makes his living as a model for sportswear catalogs. At 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, he's got a phenomenal body and a great face. For us Giovanni shows off his considerable assets and talents in the bedroom. We match him with a cute auburn-haired girl who can't wait to undress Giovanni and pleasure him all over. His pretty playmate peels off his shirt and there's not an ounce of fat on Giovanni's cut-up body. His cock is super thick and 7 inches long. The oral service gets him all horned up and ready to fuck. Once Giovanni takes charge he enjoys some pussy eating before sliding his rock-hard cock up inside her, pounding away hard. The variety of shots showing off Giovanni's flexed muscles, highlighted by a coat of sweat, are incredibly hot. It turns out this sweet-natured stud likes his sex a little on the rough side! This marathon fucker shoots a massive load you'll never forget.

35 minutes
Age: 27 Sign: Pisces Height: 6' 02"
Weight: 200 lbs. Cock: 7" Eyes : Hazel
Date Produced: 07/15/2011
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